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Now that I think of it, mastermind Taka is that guy that gets accompanied by an edgy metal phase, but for some reason, I passed that with Cat Noir... Life can be weird sometimes... ( - My brain at 12AM!!)
misswannabe 1 year ago

Ah, I should really make him with chockers and stuff, that would be cool!! ( - My brain at 1AM)

Wow, I'm the first one to see this?? Anyway, your website seems so good!! And helpful!! XP
Okay, someone asked it once, and now I wanna ask the same: what are your headcannons on me, I'm curious!!
emptygod 1 year ago

I feel like you're blonde with green or blue eyes. in your room you probably have one of those random mid 2000s pink feather lamps. you probably have a dog or cat. I feel like you eat candy at random hours of the day and have a hard time doing homework (but you finish it well)

misswannabe 1 year ago

Well, to me, it seems like you are actually close!!

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Ah yes, today's song is "Hurt" by 1 800 PAIN ( Look, it was either that, or a mlp song!!
emptygod 1 year ago

i know this song 😏

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I love it when I wake up with the sun rising, sweating, on a bed that feels like it has spikes, I know from the beginning that my day will be shit!!

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