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Okay, I want you guys to tell me something... From a scale of 1-10, how much does he look like a Nazi?? ( Someone on Tumblr interacted with me, and they had a Nazi fetish, and I'm just sitting there processing this like... "Is this picture the problem, is it something else, help!!"
misswannabe 4 months ago

"Don't tell me you don't see it!!" Uuuuuhhh... No?? No I don't?? I've been around guys like this my entire life so I cannot tell how the rest of the world perceives him??

getmeout 4 months ago

dw they're just reaching 💀

misswannabe 4 months ago

Help, I just got an ask about why I have a dominatrix as a pfp, oml, I'M DEAD!! LMAO!!

macrev 4 months ago

Speaking from personal experience, if someone's a neo-Nazi, chances are good they have other psychological problems and you probably shouldn't interact with them

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