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I know that I keep saying "thank you all for sticking around" but like, I mean it?? These days things things are kinda going not well, and having you all really makes me happy!! To those who followed me these days, tysm, I promise I'm not as depressed as I may seem!! Again, thank you all so much for choosing to be mutuals with me, I really love having you around!!
misswannabe 3 months ago

I don't wanna look depressing, but these days my mind is really messing with me, just give me time, I promise, I'll be less annoying in the future!!

moonlit-blossom 3 months ago

dont worry u arent annoying! what u just said is a really nice thing and dont worry, we all have ups and downs sadly, but at some point everything gets better ^^ im glad we making u happy tho!

supernxva 3 months ago

you aren't annoying! I think you're an awesome person, and im happy we're making things a bit happier in your life :D

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