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Okay, I will say it: I'm curious what made you follow me!! Was it curiosity, was for a follow back, what was it?? (Not meant to be rude, I updated my button page (FINALLY!!) and now I'm curious!!)
gundham 1 year ago

I follow everyone who follows me back.

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sceneofthecrash 1 year ago

your overall vibe <3

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emptygod 1 year ago

99% of the time I follow anyone who follows me back, and you seem really cool

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eam-archives 1 year ago

i think i just liked ur site :)

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bloodcoveredwebcam 1 year ago

i thought ur personality and vibe of ur site was super cool :)

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idiothahaha 1 year ago

1: it was super cool and 2: your a really nice person

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