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bojanthelibrarian 1 day ago

Love the new blog post! Enjoy love, the best feeling in the world <3

Mima, listen, learn to take life for what it is, a three ring bulldada circus. You're awesome! Be confident, give the ugliest boy a kiss... well .. on the cheek with the fewest pimples. Have fun with life, because it only gets harder with age!
mimakrg 1 month ago

lmao thank you so much for your kind words <3

Mimi, you're awesome, be confident
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hey mima. sorry you were in a bad mood. Why so sad? Just learn to take life for what it is, a three ring bullshit circus. Once you fully realize this, you'll be able to take whatever life drops in your lap and wrestle it into submission. You're awesome, be confident! Give the ugliest boy a kiss (well um.. on the cheek with the least zits lol) Have fun with life while you are young, because its hard!
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evox 1 month ago

You're awesome! you should have more self confidence :)

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