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hi i saw ur wishlist & i can sell u a red 3DS with pokemon X, if youd like a discount !! is there anywhere i can contact u? :-O an email perhaps?
meowmix884 10 months ago

Howdy-Meows, ahhh no thanks. I appreciate the offer but I don't need no discount, you outta sell it to someone else and get your money's worth. Besides, I'm flat broke so I can't be buying someone I don't need anyways. I say go make a listing on craigslist, the grandmas there are always looking for something for their grandkids ^w^ you'd make 'em really happy. They love Pokemon! Youd sell it no problem, I promise

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5amgirlfriend 10 months ago

thank you for the advice!!! :3 i hope you come into some money soon. have a lovely evening, kitty!!!

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