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Hello Marijn. I was working on a redesign and reminiscing the old Geocities days when I thought I'd check out Neocities. Don't know how I ended up at your site, but I loved it and made me want to join Neocities. So, here I am. Thanks for the serendipitious inspiration and all the best!
marijnflorence 1 year ago

Well, i'm certainly glad i could be an inspiration!

neustadt 1 year ago

And thanks for signing my guestbook! I can't even believe I'm saying that in 2020. This is excellent!

ask me anything and i might put an answer on the site
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marijnflorence 1 year ago

things i learned today: attempting to write a heraldic blazon in toki pona is a massive pain in the arse

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0x09tf 1 year ago

Heraldry, heximals, conlangs, toki pona... It takes a freaking dictionary just to keep up with all this weirdness! :)

marijn's law: all internet arguments eventually devolve into Fucking Semantics

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