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the Tetrahedron has landed
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marijnflorence 1 year ago

the page was originally going to be a log post, then i had the idea of an "appendix" of lower-effort things that weren't short enough for the log but weren't long enough for their own pages... and then i said fuck it and just made it a full thing

currently making major revisions to my site's file structure, let me know tomorrow if any links are broken or what have you
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marijnflorence 1 year ago

should be done, you may now inform me of whether any links are broken

vhsvampire 1 year ago

This is the cutest blog layout I've ever seen <3

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0x09tf 1 year ago

The little grape emoji beside the title is a really neat addition! It is classy, subtle, and fits like a glove...

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marijnflorence 1 year ago

i also updated my music page but i guess that decided to show up on the previous update post

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