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It's coming home
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saint-images 4 months ago

I am immensely disappointed and my mood is ruined.

marijnflorence 4 months ago

Can't hear you over the sound of football coming home

marijnflorence 4 months ago

can't very well update the music page without also refreshing the (former) subpage now can i

mirages 4 months ago

beautiful vinyl page, the color scheme is so fresh and summer like !

haxrelm 4 months ago

ooh, y2k aesthetic. I like it

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The music page has evolved. Goodbye cassette tapes, hello CDs — welcome to the year 2000!
joppiesaus 4 months ago

i wonder if there'll be a boom of CDs in the future like with vinyl happened

marijnflorence 4 months ago

I’d put good money on it

parla 4 months ago

turkey! that is cheating! you are yet to visit asia xD

marijnflorence 4 months ago

Take it up with the Romans; they’re the ones who decided to call it “Asia Minor”…

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