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marijnflorence 6 months ago

The updates to the words page should hopefully be invisible at first sight on a computer or phone — but when you try printing it out on paper, it now prints out the URL targets of links!

I deleted the initial post thing, so it's not showing up, but some new pages have been added to the Interesting Wikipedia Articles page! Do go check 'em out
marijnflorence 6 months ago

The new ones: Ball lightning, Burnt house horizon, Cagot, Chabad messianism, Rodney Marks

marijnflorence 6 months ago

Nothing new on the linkroll (yet), but if you’re on mobile it should now be showing screenshots of the mobile versions of the sites instead of desktop!

Fixed a frankly embarrassing bug where the bilingual parts of the index page didn't show up properly on Chrome and Chromium-based browsers (Edge, Vivaldi, Brave). Whoops!
marijnflorence 6 months ago

This is what happens when your main browser is Firefox and the only other person giving you feedback is on Safari

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