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After I get out of work im gonna make the website scalable so it works nicely accross all resolutions
The site has been redesigned! If the pages look scuffed or if they look like the old ones do ctrl+f5. If the pages still look scuffed send me a screenshot and tell me your display resolution.
macedev 5 months ago

I no longer have the fauux centered black box aesthetic.

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my new years resolution is to become famous
If you're thinking about buying a GPU right now, don't. Everything is going for like double the original price. It's better to wait a month and get a 3080 rather than a fuckin 2060 lmao.
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Bill handin out Jaups like Oprah hands out cars
billsworld 5 months ago

lol... all you have to do is ask. Occasonally I will JAUP a page that I find but mostly I just sit back and wait for someone to send me a request through the site, its the one sure way of getting JAUP'd.

I think I just made neocities profile pictures a thing:
macedev 5 months ago

I got the IP addresses of the screenshot bots, so if the page sees an ip from the bots, it will redirect to a different page

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povo 5 months ago

This is amazing.

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