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I found an old screenshot of my website when it looked absolutely terrible and before I started putting everything in boxes.
Return was updated.
1 month ago
personally-comfy 1 month ago

are we the only one who did the pagejam lmaoo

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mace486 1 month ago

probably lol

mace486 1 month ago

What did you do for the pagejam?

If anyone wants to play minecraft on pc here's the server: (version is 1.14.4)
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kaja 1 month ago

yes yes yes yes yes!!!!

mace486 1 month ago

server is now on 1.12.2 because 1.14 is super laggy lol

sbbu 1 month ago

bro it's offline

mace486 1 month ago

It's free hosting (my server for macechan and oomoox doesn't have enough ram to run the server lol), so it goes offline when no ones on the server for a period of time. You can just mention me in the penny's club discord server if you want me to turn it on.

mace486 1 month ago

Or you could just message me on discord (MasonMasonMason#3375)

Happy Hallowe- ... Oh wait, Halloween has been postponed to Saturday in my City.
You should make the page redirect to your main page when the skull gif ends. If you don't know how to do that, it's just one line of code: then you could just replace content with how long untill the page redirects (in seconds) and change the url it redirects to. I dunno, just something I thought would be cool lol.
mace486 1 month ago

forgot neocities removes code

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mace486 1 month ago

here is what the code would be:

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oozingfacade 1 month ago

Thanks a bunch for the suggestion! I didn't even consider that haha. I'll add it asap :)


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