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For some reason I can't post any messages with this account
oomoox 1 week ago

oh I can reply though

chamaedaphne 1 week ago

There's a two week wait to comment I think ;u;/

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Not too happy with today's inktober, but I have work soon so no time to redo it lol
I uploaded inktober day 5 (and 4 because I forgot to post it yesterday).
How come when people saw this, no one though: "Hmmm, maybe this doesn't look right?":
mace486 1 week ago


corgan 1 week ago

They probably did.

mace486 1 week ago

"This site is totally broken, oh well I'll follow anyways"

corgan 1 week ago

Hey why not. Beauty is in the eye of the behold. Besides, nothing is perfect.

mace486 1 week ago

Nothing is perfect, except when you're using firefox apparently. lol :

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corgan 1 week ago


mace486 was updated.
1 week ago
mace486 1 week ago

Tell me if things looks normal now or not

mace486 1 week ago

on the main page too

mace486 1 week ago

oh boy the about page is all fricked up

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mace486 1 week ago

nevermind, every page has been messed up on other browsers.

macechan dead
heid 1 week ago

no pls

lolwut 1 week ago

RIP in peace

Art people, what brand of pens do you use? I use Sakura and sometimes Faber-Castell.
encounters-ltd 1 week ago

i prefer microns but right now all i have on hand are these crappy cheapo pens from the dollar store

x-tremeproject 1 week ago

Windows surface pen.

Why can't all browsers just display websites in the same way. Now I have to re work a bunch of stuff on my website and download google chrome (ew).
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lolwut 1 week ago

This wouldn't be a problem if the entire world used Internet Explorer, you know!

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x-tremeproject 1 week ago

Yeah, Internet Explorer is the best for everything in 2019!

x-tremeproject 1 week ago

In all seriousness though, some browser have different coding. Mozilla Firefox use their own code while Chrome and Edge (new ver.) use Chromium. You can add a code that other browser support but other one don't. It rare but if you go to w3school, each tutorial show what browser version are usable. I sorry that you have to re-work your site for small bugs though.

geneticabhorrence 1 week ago

Because giving one group a complete monopoly on web standards isn't exactly a good choice. Google has already tried gimping adblockers in Chrome before, if there was no competition against Blink then Google could do what they want with total impunity.

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