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christopher columbus is totally a fricked up dude
synod 4 days ago

columbus more like coBUNGUS

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I just watched murder on the orient exress (2018 ver.) and it was god awful. It was COMPLETELY different from the book, the characters personalities were completely different, AND THEY REMOVED ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS! Theres so much more that's wrong with the movie I'm so shook right now. If you were thinking of watching the movie, don't. Read the book, it's 1000000x better.
mace486 6 days ago

Heres an example of a thing they changed without spoiling stuff. Book: murder weapon found in one of the cabins. Movie: Someone gets randomly stabbed with the murder weapon in the back for no reason.

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x-tremeproject 6 days ago

Book are always better then the movie. Well, most of the time.

mace486 6 days ago

Yes, definitely but I still can't beleive how much they changed. Usually movies try to at least be close to the source material, but in this case the movie could've passed as a completely different story.

mace486 6 days ago


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qbmikehawk 6 days ago

Blade Runner and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? are also 2 different things: Deckard's divorced, hunts down replicants to avenge his former partner and has a sidekick in the movie. He's married, runs after androids so he could afford an artificial animal and works alone in the novel. Bunch of characters were scrapped (Isidor, Buster Friendly) and their interactions modified (especially in regard to Rachael.)

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eyesonthelens 6 days ago

Tbh, I prefer Blade Runner Final Cut to Dick's "Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?". They're so different from each other that they become two completely different experiences. Still, most of the differences could be explained by being made on different years

eyesonthelens 6 days ago

I believe Isidor was reimagined in the film as J.F. Sebastian

qbmikehawk 5 days ago

I vaguely recall Sebastian. I got the purpose of Isidor in the book (being basically so dumb he was a big messy pile of feelings, which contrasted with the cold, remorseless androids - the spider scene was gut-wrenching,) but I really would have to watch Blade Runner again to remember if Sebastian had anything relevant happening to him, or if he bought anything to the story at all.

This is the closest you're getting to seeing what happens when you enter the correct password lol:

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