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I can't put ads on macechan because apparently I don't meet google or bings program guidelines.
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billsworld 3 days ago

ads? as in selling out? lol

mace486 3 days ago

I don't see you paying to host websites BILL

Is it just me, or is the website back to normal?
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sninkygle 3 days ago

he caught on >.>oh snap

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I solved some of the codes here, they may help you (Please give credit though, unless you actually already did solve them by yourself):
Okay so does anyone actually care about macechan? I wanna delete it, It costs money to host a website lol. If noone begs me to spare it, I'm killing it for good.
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madville 1 week ago

If you're losing dough, than I don't want to hold you to it. It's really up to you at that point

yudosai 1 week ago

put google or bing ads on it

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stonedaimuser 4 days ago

whats the url? ill check it out

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