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Great, now people are looting stores and stealing things and calling it "protesting". Ah yes, that seems like protesting to me.
macedev 7 months ago

Oh my god, I didn't even realize they're also burning down local businesses and police stations. This is not a black lives matter protest this is you destroying your own community.

macedev 7 months ago

What the fuck is happening. How could 2020 get even worse.

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dann 7 months ago

Saw a business burnt to the ground on a live feed. Sad how it turns to this so quickly.

roseknight 7 months ago

peaceful protest does not change things, and america's roots are in violent revolt and destruction of property. (boston tea party, remember?) property can be fixed, but the black people the police have murdered can never be brought back. the pigs are the ones gassing and attacking protesters and inciting the violence.

roseknight 7 months ago

if you care more about businesses than people's lives then you should do some soul-searching

encounters-ltd 7 months ago

im really not sure how to think about this yet

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macedev 7 months ago

these people don't give a shit about the protests, they're using this as an excuse to rob stores and incite violence.

x-tremeproject 7 months ago

I understand protesting over police brutality's and racism but fucking hell, they just wanting Anarchy at this point. They even breaking down White House security to make things worse.

yudosai 7 months ago

A lot of the looting and burining down local buisnesses is being done by opportunists, police officers, and other various groups with their own intentions. In my city there is footage of a guy about to bust into a store and the protesters stopped him (they'll never show that on TV LOL). But roseknight is right, the focus needs to be on the racism and corruption in police today. No justice, no peace.


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