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My dad wants me to read "The Case For christ" and so far it is one of the most misleading terrible books I've ever read. This book is meant solely for christians, not atheists. If you're someone whos questioning the presence of a god PLEASE do your own research and look at BOTH sides of the coin and not just one. Also, read the bible and decide if you believe in all its ideologies and stories yourself.
macedev 9 months ago

In this book, Lee Strobel is supposed to be a journalist questioning the presence of god and trying to disprove god basically. Yet he only interviews christians and never atheists. He also accepts the bible as complete fact without any further research. Seems legit.

personally-comfy 9 months ago

your dad sounds like a big meanie for trying to force his opinions on you

macedev 9 months ago

He thinks he's diverting me from the path of eternal torture. A god that sends gay people and atheists down to hell to get tortured doesn't sound so great and loving to me.

readingproject 9 months ago

There's always The God Delusion by Dawkins which addresses your very problem as the book draws to a conclusion. Dawkins argues forcing Religion on children is a form of child abuse. I was once abused by a Christian at a train station for reading it.

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macedev 9 months ago

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll defenitely check it out.

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