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What a great site, Selenae! Everything looks (and is) pretty cool! I'll be looking forward to yr updates!
sicklycarpet 1 year ago

I am glad you like m4tr1arch's site, i think it is utterly wickid.

Love the feel of your website! Reminds me of the terminals in Fallout 4 except they were green not red. Looking forward to see what you do with you site. :)
sicklycarpet 1 year ago

Here's a cool little something i learned a while back, the reason why a lot of terminals were stereotyped as to having green text, (like the matrix movies) is because when the millitary coded unix in the 1960s, most computer monitors were radioactive. (green phosphoric glow) and some laptops of the 1980's had red text because the screens were powered by liquid gas plasma (such as the Toshiba T5200)

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