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hey i think ur cool! do you have discord? i would love for us to trade discords n stuff. i could add you to a gc with other neocities users (sugarforbrains, skruffy_64, vastrecs, scourgescloset, coolpine, and odditycommodity i think)? you dont have to join, ofc. but itd be cool since i think youre cool and everything is cool. also ur music is amazing?! and i like to make games too?! itd be cool to collab with you ^^
troy-sucks 2 months ago

my discord is aid.exp#2242 btw!

lythr0nax 2 months ago

Oh ho! Thank you for the kind words. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) A friend request has been sent! by me! also. does the uuh. this notify you when i post a the reply here. on my profile or whatever.

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troy-sucks 2 months ago

no it doesnt lol but i check stuff often

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