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c04x14l 5 months ago

What you have on your main page about leaving social media is so true, I disconnected all my contacts on social media, and sometimes it seems people find me. I guess you can never be truly alone on the internet huh :(

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luaa 5 months ago

I've had people I know find me even on this site, which makes it really unmotivating to work on T w T Sometimes it just feels impossible to have a presence on the internet separate from the real world

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luaa 6 months ago

finally bringing this page back from the dead :3

teethinvitro 6 months ago

What a beautiful track.

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callus 7 months ago

thank you for adding my button :-D do you have one for your site? sorry if I missed it lol

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luaa 7 months ago

no I don't :( maybe one day!

pompom-purin 7 months ago

Man, that Say Anything cover of Got Your Money on your links page, what a throwback. I loved that song in high school.

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woow i love your site! the merch collection and pixels are super cool ♡
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folieadeux 7 months ago

aaa thank u !! <3 really need 2 update that collections page i made it almost a full year ago now + its missing so much..

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do you have a button so I can link your site? I could've sworn you did but I could be remembering wrong ;-;
multohhh 7 months ago

aaa i'm so sorry i don't have a button atm, haven't had the time to make one oTL

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