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I want to know what you guys think. Would it be a good idea to add comments to my blog? The system I'm planning on using is Cusdis ( btw.
nohappynonsense 4 days ago

I use HTML comment box on my articles, it adds a bit of extra community interactivity to my site that otherwise wouldn't exist. Probably won't hurt to add something similar to your site

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enflicted 3 days ago

Well, from my experience comments can be a good and bad thing, I've opted to keep my site comment free, only to stop negativity before it starts, because everyone has an opinion. I seem a little sour, lol. Ignorance is bliss i guess, if theres no outlet, there's no negativity to spew, that's just my general thought

logicalwillow 3 days ago

Thanks! I'll have to think about it more before I make a decision. The community aspect of it is nice, but moderating comments might not be something I'm ready for yet.

enflicted 3 days ago

Well I hope what i said earlier, doesn't deter your decision, comments can be wonderful. Previous site's i used to run all had comment systems, and there would always be that one person to ruin it. Take the bad with the good,

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Unpopular opinion: TouchWiz was good.
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ziggybeeps 6 days ago

Those are /fighting words/

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