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Nice website. The layout is easy to navigate. While searching your music playlist I found several Russian pop/rock bands listed, but noticed that they were mainly groups only known well outside of Russia (any «Ну Погоди!» and T.a.T.u songs), I would recommend Кино, Агата Кристи, Земфира, Мумы Тролл, Би-2 and Nautilus Pompilius for your liking. Anyway, I look forward to further developments. Keep up the good work!
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lhfm 1 month ago

Спасибо друг. I appreciate your suggestions, but Russian culture isn't really my thing at the moment cause my birthplace is being attacked 😕

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pagespages 1 month ago

Understandable, most of the groups above have spoken out against the war (or have disbanded, but were vocal against other wars). My deepest sympathies to all those involved in this bloody conflict. This war reminds too much of what happened in Afghanistan, a long, hard battle fought for no real reason, I just hope it is over soon and does not drag on for years.


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