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Prototype 51 is out (made this evening)
lambdafun 8 months ago

I’m trying some harmony theory but I don’t have a hold of it yet

Last month I told you which preset of garageband I was using for the whale sound in Land whale. Turns out I wasn’t looking at the right thing. I was using the Clarinet sound, not the 80’s brass thing. Have a nice day o/
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futureperfect 8 months ago

Haha thanks for the update.

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I decided to move one of the prototypes into the realeases playlist as i think it is good enough
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lambdafun 8 months ago

Also i swear i am going to update the site

To tododo do. To tododo da. To dodododa. To dodododa.
20 yo since a few days forgot to tell everyone
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