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I wasn’t aware that macechan had been revived ! <3
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macedev 4 months ago

Lol yeah, it's dead as usual though.

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Just found the prettiest site ever
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lambdafun 5 months ago

I made it with synth1 (free) and Mellotron V (paid)

Hello everyone, just to say that I’m still alive, and happy (new?) year
Thanks for following your site looks cool!
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mashi 4 months ago

Thanks! I couldn't reply because of spam prevention mesures. Yeah, I'm doing my best, but it's more like a lazy ass cool. Your music is great too!

New track released! I named it Hidden Place Discovered
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futureperfect 7 months ago

Sounding good!

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futureperfect 7 months ago

Just re-listened to Fall of Pejite as well. This is probably my favorite that you've created yet. Love it.

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lambdafun 7 months ago

Thank you! <3

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