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So someone stole my account and promised that I would update the site a week ago.
lambdafun 1 week ago

It wasn’t me I swear

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encounters-ltd 1 week ago

oh no! who the heck would do that?? not nice >:(

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macedev 1 week ago

it was me i am a l33t h@x0r

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lambdafun 1 month ago

just removed outdated parts, nothing to see atm

lambdafun 1 month ago

Also replaced the external random banner system with JavaScript

I'm going to add (again) a blog part to the site. This time it will be focused on music practice. With a weekly post about what I learned/made during the last few days. It will be mostly uninteresting as it's mostly a way to force me to actually work on things.
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lambdafun 1 month ago

First post in seven days I guess ^^

lambdafun 2 months ago

Added a small section and removed a link

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