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Thanks for 90k views !!
So this time I tried to make a happier song
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Another track I did a few days ago (it’s me on the cover picture oO)
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Your latest album is insane oO
futureperfect 1 month ago

Thank you! It felt rushed because I didn’t start it until early September and wanted to get it done within the first couple days of October, but it didn’t turn out too bad.

I don’t know if anyone here has it but I’m trying TikTok at @cyberwhale_ Basically I’m uploading pictures I made
lambdafun 2 months ago

(If y’all have tiktoks let’s share it I want to see what people use it for)

lambdafun 2 months ago

Also it’s very possible that my account will die of abandon in a week or two xd

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lambdafun 2 months ago

Going night mode, also added a drawing I just did in procreate (also glitched a bit)

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