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Very cool website. I very much enjoyed discovering ヒッチコック (Hitchcock), thanks for sharing.
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kojou 3 weeks ago

thank you so much!! very happy i could introduce you to hitchcock, it's a wonderful song!

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wanted to say i have seen in my emails the responses to the comment box on my site and even though it is for some unfathomable reason not working i still really appreciate that u have taken the time to leave such nice comments, it means a lot to me! i really like your website as well it has such a cozy feeling, i am excited to see more as you add to it
halcyyyon 3 weeks ago

OMG hope i havent been spamming u with comments!! i forgot if i'd already left one when u said you'd fixed it lol <33 u are so sweet thank you :D

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i realised my comment box still had problems so i completely redid it and now it works for real this time!!!
i loved looking through all the paintings and bits of poetry and stories scattered across ur site :)) how lovely
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kojou 4 weeks ago

ahhh thank you so much!!

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update i believe my comment box is fixed now!

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