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geouniversal 6 months ago

are you playing duckhunt with the gun? not a lot of content but its replayabilty alone should boost it above the 5/10! i am surprised this compelled me to comment ha

kirbykevinson 6 months ago

Nope, I play it with a mouse since I'm using an emulator. The game didn't seem too replayable to me, but I can understand your opinion.

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saint-images 7 months ago

I used to have a Minecraft Let's Play channel too, though it was mostly mod reviews. It was using a name that I stole to have a cool skin because I was playing on pirated MC. I think one tutorial on IndustrialCraft has reached a few thousand views when I last checked. Fortunately I hid all the videos a few years ago when I remembered about this channel and got access to it.

saint-images 7 months ago

It was in 8th grade of school, I think. Before that, I had a uCoz website where I shared Minecraft mods, and my "killer-feature" was that I translated all the descriptions and recipes into Russian; someone not all the popular web sites at the time would do. I found some ads service that allowed you to add ads to your website and earn money per click. I had my friends click the ads daily, and I even managed to earn...

saint-images 7 months ago

... a few dozen rubles on WebMoney this way.

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