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saint-images 4 months ago

I watched "A Silent Voice" a while ago so I don't remember much, but I was confused about how he MC ended up having so many friends in such a short amount of time.

Hey, thanks for adopting the mobile-friendly layout I wrote for you. I forgot to make the images and text not overthrow through the content block, so here's a little patch that fixes it:
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saint-images 5 months ago

Thank you once again!

Tip: use wget -r "" if you need a copy of someone's entire site.
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In any case, here's a mobile-friendly rewrite of your website's layout that you didn't ask for:
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saint-images 5 months ago

Why thank you! ใƒพ(^โ–ฝ^*))) I'll make a few adjustments here and there and use it if you're ok with it!!!!

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