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Thank heavens, this website is up again.
lambdafun 4 months ago

Take my money Kyle Drake

I remember that you added theming to your website a while ago using alternative stylesheets. It seems like you already removed it by now, but while it was there you managed to inspire me to add theming to my website too. My theme switcher no longer uses alternative stylesheets, but if you're interested in it for some reason or another, feel free to use it at any time:
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kirbykevinson 4 months ago

(I had to break the comment because apparently Neocities has a comment length limit.)

rnd 4 months ago

Cool! I decided to abandon the whole "alternate stylesheets" thing for a while when I made a separate stylesheet for text-mode web browsers such as elinks. I might return it later when I decide to actually test how it'd work on different web browsers.

As a fellow Russian, I'm interested whether you watch anime dubbed or subbed and in which language. I personally watch in English and subbed most of time.
saint-images 4 months ago

English subs. I don't remember ever watching dubbed/RU-subbed anime.

saint-images 4 months ago

Oh, wait, I watched Tenki No Ko in the cinema, and it was dubbed.


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