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Hey, thanks for adopting the mobile-friendly layout I wrote for you. I forgot to make the images and text not overthrow through the content block, so here's a little patch that fixes it:
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saint-images 4 days ago

Thank you once again!

Tip: use wget -r "" if you need a copy of someone's entire site.
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In any case, here's a mobile-friendly rewrite of your website's layout that you didn't ask for:
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saint-images 6 days ago

Why thank you! ใƒพ(^โ–ฝ^*))) I'll make a few adjustments here and there and use it if you're ok with it!!!!

Not to offend you, but your markup, let's say it this way, contains some pretty interesting design choices. Good luck making it mobile-friendly :) If you need any help from an HTML pseudo-professional, feel free to contact me at any time.
athornathornathorn 6 days ago

that was a bit uncalled for tbh

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kirbykevinson 6 days ago

Yeah, maybe.

saint-images 6 days ago

Whew, at least something about me is interesting! I suppose you're talking about me using tables, iframes and style atrributes. You can attribute it to my crippling laziness. (#_<-) I have a few ideas on adaptation though; I think it should work out.

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