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websitering 1 year ago

I'm sorry to see you go. Hope to see you again.

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I got a domain setup. It's nothing special just an easier way of getting to my website.
kiddo9000 1 year ago

because my site is being archived, the domain has been shut down. You will have to continue using my neocities link.

Update 5.8.1 released (05/03/2019). Fixed the tab title in the welcome page plus changed things up a little. Made the nav bar use older HTML standards in order to cut down on CSS scripts. Old browsers! Did some housekeeping to the code to make it look nice and clean because of my OCD and boredom.
Thanks for following my site! Love the support!
empeethree 1 year ago

you're welcome.

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empeethree 1 year ago

I even made another welcome page for the /r/TruckStopBathroom subreddit of Reddit.

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Last updated 3 weeks ago... Let me fix that real quick with some new stuff...

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