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Fun fact: The new update made me hit an all-time high on storage usage. I've deleted some stuff since but since this site launched, the most of my 1 GB i have used is 1.4% which is nothing. 1GB should be enough for everyone's site, right?
Ok so recently i tried to make a retro themed website (Like Gwtagacw's) and most of my old attempts were pretty bad. But recently i made an amazing retro template that i thought was more than decent and worthy of my website. As such, my filler design (Version 4.0-4.1.1) has been removed and replaced with Verison 5.0. Hope you guys enjoy! I've put alot of work into getting this ready!
websitering 2 years ago

Very Nice. Reminds me a bit of IBM's Fixed Disk Organizer:

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kiddo9000 2 years ago

Oh wow it does somewhat resemble IBM's Fixed Disk Organizer!

I've been gone for a while but while i was gone you sure have upped the design on the site! Looks awesome!
kiddo9000 2 years ago

Correction: i've been gone for several months

mariteaux 2 years ago

"I am only 13. I also have Aspergers Syndrome. (Which is why i have a knack for computers) This makes my life pretty hard." You sound like an incredible person to be around.

kiddo9000 2 years ago

Thanks! Sometimes, the community is a great place to be in with all the people around me, helping me out when i need it. Neocities is no exception. Everyone in this community is polite, helpful and willing to help others in need. That's why i like it here

strata 2 years ago

Oh god, this is great.

I have returned back to making the website! Version 4.0 of the site is now online! Hope you guys all enjoy!

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