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made this unfunny pun while texting someone two weeks ago and now i'm going to shoehorn it into being an actual thing. writing about that new 100 gecs remix compilation, the original record it was based off, and to the fairest by N0THANKY0U
violetradd 1 year ago

i totally agree with your assessment of why this album excited me so much. both of the hand crushed remixes are definitely two of my favorite tracks they're so fun and unabashedly 2000'sey it all just makes me feel like i'm in middle school again, which is cool beacuse a new album hasn't ever rly done that to me before the way this one does

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encounters-ltd 1 year ago

as a pretentious Autechre fan let me just say youre right on the money with this review

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i will never understand how to use this website. new piece up about beach music by alex g, little grids by iglooghost, and how vague post-lockdown seems. fun!
this week's post was originally intended as an introduction to a tutorial due to come out a few weeks back but my internet shit the bed and i lost half of it - while trying to recreate it i decided to split it up into two posts, leading to this piece where i narcissistically drone on about writing online. fun!
this was meant to come out on thursday but my brain decided to melt on me, leading to me releasing it on a friday morning. this week's music post is about amnesia scanner, regret will come, being scarily habitual, and feeling like the bjork stalker. fun!
ill 1 year ago

also changed "barely updated, barely relevant" to "maximum paragraph density", this will probably become ironic when i inevitably end up burning out on writing by the end of the month lmao

i don't think that i'll ever work out how to get the newest post to be the one featured on my feed so i'm back to just writing these out. here's a post about irish politics - mainly how we as a left should react to this new coalition government, what we need to do to fight back, and what the next few years will look like. it feels scarily serious for this blog - apologies to my non-irish mutuals on here lol

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