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reading interpals messages i sent four years ago is making me feel bleak
me, knowing only like two other irish people on here (who barely update their sites): hmmmm i should set up a webring for irish neocities people
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having to do more than five minutes of research for my next music post and that feels odd
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bit late but here's about that new katie dey album, feeling like a boomer, and one specific bandcamp compilation from four years ago
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maggyhue 1 year ago

When I read the description I thought you were going to talk about a different compilation Girls Rituals released in 2016, but later took down.

ill 1 year ago

@maggyhue 2016 was a scarily stacked year for bandcamp compilations (solely as it was the year i started properly paying attention to them)

a bit late but here's this weeks music post - talking about the seven songs that have defined this year, for better or for worse. by the time i have this up the new katie dey record should be out, didn't get to write about it (yet) but check it out!!!
my twitter account got locked for posting crimes so i used it as an excuse to talk about being an internet junkie, the constant op-eds about cancel culture, an annoying festival of irish right wingers (ew), and some random blog post that gave me dread. i swear i'll go back to music on thursday!!!
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part two of my guide to being really annoying online is up, in which i attempt to explain how this neocities page works. looking forward to all of ye being horrified by it!
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thanx for the follow! :D
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