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a bit late but here's this weeks music post - talking about the seven songs that have defined this year, for better or for worse. by the time i have this up the new katie dey record should be out, didn't get to write about it (yet) but check it out!!!
my twitter account got locked for posting crimes so i used it as an excuse to talk about being an internet junkie, the constant op-eds about cancel culture, an annoying festival of irish right wingers (ew), and some random blog post that gave me dread. i swear i'll go back to music on thursday!!!
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part two of my guide to being really annoying online is up, in which i attempt to explain how this neocities page works. looking forward to all of ye being horrified by it!
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thanx for the follow! :D
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made this unfunny pun while texting someone two weeks ago and now i'm going to shoehorn it into being an actual thing. writing about that new 100 gecs remix compilation, the original record it was based off, and to the fairest by N0THANKY0U
violetradd 4 weeks ago

i totally agree with your assessment of why this album excited me so much. both of the hand crushed remixes are definitely two of my favorite tracks they're so fun and unabashedly 2000'sey it all just makes me feel like i'm in middle school again, which is cool beacuse a new album hasn't ever rly done that to me before the way this one does

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encounters-ltd 4 weeks ago

as a pretentious Autechre fan let me just say youre right on the money with this review

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