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i haven't read a paragraph in so long. thanks for the long form thoughts
I just read your preface/description for FITECLUB and it was so bizarrely resonant that I wanted to stop by (while it's printing lol) before I read it and 1) thank you for engaging me on Twitter, 2) explain that I did not follow you back only because I cannot (hit my follow limit years ago,) and 3) express my general desire to keep in touch, however and whenever. <3
strangecrust 9 months ago

ill writes some good stuff

ill 8 months ago

apologies for the super late response - haven't been as active on here as i'd want to be. thanks a million for the kind words!! no worry about twitter, am getting closer to that follow limit myself faster than i want to admit

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finally got the time to write incoherent paragraphs about music again! this week i'm shouting about the idea of cultural cringe, irish history, folk group lankum, and scauldwave. this feels hypertargeted towards my twitter mutuals and that feels lame to admit. fun!

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