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Probably the highest radio of "scarily" to other words of any website on the internet
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shiitakeworsthand 1 week ago

scarily accurate

the ps1 era is so ripe for analysis - read through your silent hill post and found it exciting
disc-content 3 weeks ago

Thanks, glad you liked it! I read some of your stuff and wrote up a long response praising your "We all have something interesting inside" article. But apparently there's a text limit here, and it's too long to paste. lol. Anyway, I loved it and look forward to reading more!

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well that was a long hiatus! put together something that is totally not a year-end list with some of the records my friends are now sick of hearing about. it's scarily long!
Haven't been able to write anything for the past while due to a combination of burnout and having feck all spare time. However, in the meantime here's a podcast on the Irish music scene I helped edit

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