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Was your website ACTUALLY made in 1999? That would be so cool. Cute site ether way! :3
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valentines 1 week ago

Hehe thank you!! No, it was actually made in 2017; 1999 is just my birth year ^_^

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icg 1 week ago


tysm 4 following!
icg 1 week ago

np!!!!!!! ^^

Icelogist was updated.
2 weeks ago
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Getting bored of the "brand" I created. Looking forward to a redesign.
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Cute!!! But the homepage is a little big on a small display, that's for sure. Thanks for visiting my site! ^^
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I love the colorful art! :3
love this website so much!!!
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icg 3 weeks ago

Thank you!!!!!!!!

Adorable website!! I love the aesthetic!
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nonkiru 1 month ago

Thank you very much!! (❁´◡`❁)

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icg 1 month ago


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Is there a way that I can get flexbox objects to automatically organize themselves around bigger objects? Without like having them create big gaps between big objects and small objects? I hope I am making sense.

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