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add me on rs my username is L O V E Bee what is urs?
i do like ur site but is so similar to mine maybe that other guy copied me
the layout is the same, the mouse effect and the glowing navigation..
hitpointhierarchy 2 months ago

I got the layout from EGGRAMEN, it's one of the basic layouts they had available and I liked the way it looked so I modified the colours. The only reason why I chose the cursor is because I wanted the site to have a star/astral theme and it was the fourth or fifth result that came up in Google when I searched "Tumblr sparkle cursor". I didn't do it to copy you, it was just a coincidence.

hitpointhierarchy 2 months ago

I mean, I can see why you would think that I copied you but honestly every snippet of HTML/CSS I used for my site was just stuff I found on Google. Stuff that was all fair use and available to the public. If it really bothers you that much, I'll just change my design. I was looking into a more mobile friendly one anyway.

hitpointhierarchy 2 months ago

Honestly just a little shaken because I wanted to get back into casually coding sites and my first experience with Neocities is someone I don't know telling me I copied them when that wasn't my intention at all.

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vencake 2 months ago

If I may, the layout etc is reminiscient of common old web design. Neocities is about the old web - it makes sense. There's nothing plagiarizing going on. Just chill and carry on as you were!~

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myrslife 2 months ago

u dont need to change it because i like ur design and i like that it wasnt your intentions. In the past I have had people steal my stuff online so I am cautious now. Anyways you still play rs or no

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good job copying my website
hitpointhierarchy 2 months ago

Oh sorry. I forgot nobody else is allowed to have a website that's RuneScape related.

hitpointhierarchy 2 months ago

I didn't copy your website lmao. I got the layout from EGGRAMEN and edited it myself... Also, what do you mean by 'copying'? Is it just because I made a website that's related to RuneScape? I didn't even know your website existed until you messaged me on here, and our websites look nothing alike. Get over yourself.

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