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IF its the same person, theyve targeted several sites over the past few days. casiopea and redstring for sure, and ive seen two other sites facing theft but i dont follow them so i cant remember who sdfkjfhjks
chipsfunfun 2 months ago

UGH I hate code stealers

Thank you for your help, that’s what I might do :’) I hate that neocities doesn’t have a reporting feature either like so few people use this site so to have your whole thing stolen it’s like woahhh ok
strawbabie 2 months ago

you can report them through the contact form!!! thats what i did ^_^ i explained the situation with links to you and to thief, i hope that something is done :[

I didn’t even notice I have a whole bunch of new followers now that’s really cool but I feel like deleting this site now 😭 To steal my images and entire html is out of control…
strawbabie 2 months ago

if you delete, the best way to do it is to archive/ssave your current code somewhere, and make your current site blank. that way you dont lose the url and you dont lose your code!! i understand the need to private something you worked really hard on when its taken from you, it can be heartbreaking :[ im so sorry this happened!!!

strawbabie 2 months ago

is it okay to encourage people to report the thief?? we might be able to get it taken down, but i dont want to post about it without your permission ^_^

datasoul 1 month ago

ive been away for a moment too, wishing not to see you leave :c

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