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how do you guys update your websites? do you use webdav and edit files directly? do you make changes in a local folder and then update? do you use the neocities editor? i'm curious!
letslearntogether 1 week ago

If I am editing a page that has already been created, then I will use the neocities editor to make changes. If I am adding a page for the first time, then I write it in a textfile locally and either drag-and-drop it into the editor after changing to HTML, or I copy-and-paste the code into a newly created HTML file within the dashboard. I try to keep it simple as much as possible.

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thebeehive 1 week ago

hi! i like to use komodo edit on my laptop. i like to work on my website during some downtime at work and it lets you preview your content within the application itself :) then when i get home i'm able to update. i'll usually either just upload the files or copy and paste into the respective files on the neocities editor.


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