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New COD game is 500 GB. Finaly, I can experience what it was like trying to download a 50MB file on dial up
Rugrats reboot looks like shit. Just put the original cartoon on Paramount+. This is why no one watches Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network anymore
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eligood 9 months ago

the WHAT reboot

haxrelm 9 months ago

paramount is making some crappy reboot because Nickelodeon only cares about banking off of 90s nostalgia instead of making good cartoons these days

haxrelm 9 months ago

at least the 90s kids on twitter will eat it up

HDMI cord for my drawing tablet kicked the bucket. That sucks.
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9 months ago
haxrelm 9 months ago

Getting kinda frustrated with the art community on other sites

There goes the rest of my faith in humanity, thanks Youtube
2000s to early 10s Nintendo was the best
eligood 9 months ago

I agree and disagree at the same time

goodbye Daft Punk

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