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7 months ago
haxrelm 7 months ago

Synth 1 sounds much better. And has more features than Helm

Remember: if a post on twitter has the word "millenial" or "Gen Z", it's usually made by someone who is grossly out of touch making a hot take
haxrelm 7 months ago

and 9/10 it's a shit take as well

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dewside 7 months ago

Absolutely correct, Hax

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I don't mind cute sites but the ones with the tiny cursors scare me
haxrelm 7 months ago

My monitor has an HD display, which makes it even worse

my parents are paying, I think 40 a month for internet that barely work at all
haxrelm 7 months ago

fuck spectrum

Saw a post on Mastadon. OP mentioned that they saw some "Anti CSS Manifesto". To quote them, "Mainstream web design is a joke"

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