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2 hours ago
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today's the 22nd anniversary of columbine and if i see anyone posting "i condone" or trying to be an edgelord, i'll block. today is the day of remembering the lives lost and not encouraging violence.
kalina-ann 2 hours ago

it bothers me that there are so many idiots who "celebrate" this day. its disgusting

my tcc instagram got disabled AGAIN. mark zuckerberg can suck my fucking fat one.
coloredvoid 6 hours ago

lol apparently zucc really hates tcc

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posted my twitter and instagram on my links page. feel free to add me.
godlikedoomer 1 day ago

put my spotify up too! oooh

hi. instagram is cracking down on us tcc people. my old account got disabled at like 350 followers. all my edits just gone BUT i'll have my ig up soon on here. also, wow. first time using this message shit. HAHAHA. hey fuckers!
kalina-ann 2 days ago

i realized that. i lost like 60 followers of the tcc. then pass ur ig to follow u:)

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hellspit 2 days ago

damn fr? instagram let people live challenge

infern0 1 day ago

my account got disabled at 520. i don't plan on making another one since i like twitter more.

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