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Dislikes/Downvotes are a terrible concept. They just serve as a way for people to hide posts they don't like. Downvotes also come with negative connotations so upon seeing a post and observing many downvotes, they may just not click it and assume it's trash. On forums that have them (i.e. Reddit), botting downvotes is so fucking easy that the truth may be buried while false shit forever circulates.
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geneticabhorrence 3 weeks ago

It cripples actual dialogue and Redditors parade their system around like it's the most revolutionary thing ever invented.

digdeeper 3 weeks ago

downvoting this heresy ^_^

lolwut 3 weeks ago

I think a system with both Upvotes/Downvotes (or Likes/Dislikes, etc.) is at least better than one with only Upvotes (or Likes, or whatever), as the negative option at least permits some degree of criticism. Having only Upvotes/Likes contributes to making a community too soft and unwelcoming of criticism, which is a necessary element. (Also, I've never used Reddit, and don't care for that site.)

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neonaut 3 weeks ago

I did not know about this. Thank you.

I like your site man, you've got a lot of good information.
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