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every time you post something i feel like commenting (such is my nature) but i can never think of anything better to say than "you know what, youre right" so im making this post to let you know that you can safely imagine that ive commented that on every article
cubertown 4 months ago

and to think, i only followed you because you were the only legitimately interesting site on the furry tag

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frogesay 4 months ago

Thanks a lot, cubertown. It's always interesting to think about all the people who I've influenced in some small way despite never knowing them or hearing from them, the same as I have been influenced by all the writers and artists who are smarter than I am and who I will never get to talk to, either because they'll ignore me or because they're dead.

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frogesay 4 months ago

Once in a while I do get to talk to someone I admire, usually through an e-mail where I say how much their work has done for me personally and artistically, and I'm always grateful for the humility the displayed by them and the time taken to respond to me.

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frogesay 4 months ago

So in that respect, I hope you are able to get something out of my work even if you don't comment. I often feel the same way as you do, but I want to think people who create great things will know they don't need the constant affirmation. It's funny, because the furry tag is slightly dishonest because there aren't even any catgirls, despite my being a furry, and a bunch of other things at that.

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