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"04.10.2020 tomorrow i have to do my second estrogen injection" Stop it. You don't wanna look like this one day: I'm not against you crossdressing or whatever but changing your body will have a lasting impact on your life. You should especially not do it to get acceptance from random people on discord. Impotence will also bar you from ever having your own family.
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familyfriendlyacidtrip 6 months ago

um, fuck all the way off?

thefurnace 6 months ago

fucking using as argument literally a "documentary" by RT, a Putin/Orthodox Church rag - dude what the fuck, fuck off

ghostcastle 6 months ago

nobody asked you

emptygod 6 months ago

I'm not sure why you spent the time writing this, it's not your body and not your life either. I respectfully ask you to move on. there's better things you could be doing ^^


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