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Good work so far, I hope to see quite a bit Tokusatsu stuff soon. Might I ask who is your favorite Ultraman? While I grew up with Tiga, my favorite is the original, and have decided to watch all of Ultraman. I hope to write about it soon on my website. Wishing you luck for CSS, as my site uses only basic html.
evolto 1 year ago

Thank you! I'm actually new to tokusatsu, I've been watching mostly Kamen Rider and started a few Super Sentai seasons. I was gonna watch Ultraman but for some reason it's hard to find subs for it in my mother language, I'll probably end up watching with english subs out of necessity.. lol

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pagespages 1 year ago

Subs are common in English and Indonesian (additionally there may be some Spanish subtitles out there that I am unaware of), but aside from that, it is hard to find subtitles for tokusatsu. Might I ask what your mother language is if it is a romance language they I might be comfortable enough to translate the subtitles, but this will be a document transcript. (Additionally I may be able to provide Russian subtitles).

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