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kenny46140 2 years ago

Keep up the good work! Cool-cool. :)

ejhayess 2 years ago

Lol @kenny46140 Just a social studies project for class basic stuff, just trying to get a quick grade doing what I love doing!

kenny46140 2 years ago

I follow ya! Figgered it was something like that.;) What other handles/pages would I know you as here? (he asks knowingly) Wink-wink, Nudge-nudge, Know what I mean? ;)

What can I help with?
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ejhayess 2 years ago

Before I start, I asked around and no one seemed to know but I have a youtube iframe playing music like you, but I want two physical buttons that can mute and unmute said iframe, maybe this isn't possible maybe it is.

upallnight 2 years ago

I've looked around and I can't seem to find anything for that :(

ejhayess 2 years ago

Alright, thank you for trying was just curious, thought someone might know, i'm sure if I do a bit more looking around I can find something useful, but for now i'll forget about it.

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