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Holy guacamole I know the Neocities view counter is broken but it feels surreal that it's at half a million views
meowco 6 months ago

I can't believe it either. Only 500'000 more to go!

antikrist 6 months ago

yeah my view counter on my page and the neocities one is always wayyyy off

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Anyway I really wish Neocities had a feature that let you get RSS updates whenever someone comments on your site profile or replies to your comment. It would make it much easier than wondering where that red "1" is referring to
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spacemountainland 6 months ago

theres a red 1?????

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dokodemo 6 months ago

@spacemountainland yup in the top right you'll get a little red number notification

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spacemountainland 6 months ago

@dokodemo thank u!

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I don't understand why some people are against "third party software" running on their machine because it isnt licensed by Microsoft. It's not like they have to worry about spyware, they've had it ever since they bought Windows.
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dokodemo 6 months ago

Actually this applies to most people that are so adamant to not downloading certain things on a certain device because it's unsafe, but put their full trust in companies like Microsoft or Facebook

bens-random-stuff 6 months ago

s mode exists only so that tech-illiterate people can get the absolute least out of their new computer

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