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Reminder that district buttons are here, in case you'd like to show off which ones you're in:
yudosai 3 years ago

so is like the discord server down or

districts 3 years ago

This was addressed in the recent update post. The Discord has been closed due to admin exhaustion, and we don't have plans to bring it back in the future.

yudosai 3 years ago

aw man that place was bomb

Is it possible to be in more than one district?
bluef00t 3 years ago

(I say this because my blog was added to Arles, where it probably belongs, but looking at my site I realize I actually have more music-themed content than original content on it so far.)

districts 3 years ago

Sites can be in up to two districts. With so many sites, there's a chance that we miss something, so if you think you should be sorted somewhere else or your bio's not satisfactory, do let us know, everyone!

seppy 3 years ago

shweeeeet.. thanks for adding me :]

Are there buttons for the different districts, so that people can show off which ones they're in?
districts 3 years ago

Yes! These are being worked on by a friend of the site and they'll be up in the next few days or so.


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