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Please add my tool's site to Silicon Valley. Also, shameless plug: if you use soupault, you can easily add fully static (no JS) ToC to every district page, they are a bit hard to navigate without it. I can help you with using it if you are interested.
districts 2 years ago

You'll definitely be added next update! We thank you for the suggestion but are currently not looking to change the site. :)

soupault 2 years ago

Good you haven't made an update yet! There was no button for the website, but my friend made one:

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districts 2 years ago

We're sorry but we only list 88x31 buttons on districts - it's always been that way and we don't plan to change it, for the sake of simplicity and consistency. We can still list your site anyway, of course.

soupault 2 years ago

Oh, I missed that requirement. I can make a 88x31 version for sure.

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soupault 2 years ago

The 88x31 version is ready: Also, the reason I missed that requirment is that it's not stated anywhere. Please add it to the guidelines.

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districts 2 years ago

Thank you! We will add that next update, it hasn't really been stated anywhere due to the fact that 90% of site buttons are that size anyway but it really should’ve been in our FAQ.

A big thanks for 300 followers! 🎉 We're looking for sites to add to the next update daily. Thank you for your support!

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